Within 1000 square metres space, we have created the regional most distinguished wellness centre with an exceptional offer.

In accordance with modern trends, we have arranged diverse content within our Relax and Wellness zone, tailored to meet our clients’ needs, in order to provide them with the possibility of achieving the state of complete mind and body relaxation in a soothing atmosphere.

The authentic experience we offer to our clients, accompanied by abundant content and competent staff, enhances the possibility of achieving inner harmony experiencing memorable relaxing moments.

Specially designed Wellness centre electronic access system, gives you the opportunity to keep your valuable things safe and completely indulge in pleasure.

Entrance to wellness 18 €
All-day use wellness services24 €
Weekly ticket 3h84 €
Monthly ticket 3h179 €
Semi-annual ticket 3h369 €
Annual ticket 3h747 €

Salt room + salt water pool 2h10 €
Child up to 12 years accompanied by an adult for 20 minutes7 €
Adults 40 minutes10 €
Family ticket (1/2 adults and children up to 12 years)14 €

Silver voucher (includes: entrance to wellness and partial massage 30 minutes)29 €
Gold vouchers (includes:entrance to wellness, Soft gold massage 50 minutes and fruit drink)42 €
VIP vouchers (includes:entrance to wellness, holistic antistress massage 60 minutes, paraffin packing of hands 15 minutes and fruit drink)56 €