Solaris HOME

Have you ever thought how it would be to live in a four star hotel?

Up to 2 persons52 €
3 and more persons69 €

The package is valid for a minimum of 20 nights.
The price refers to the apartment rental per day.

    • Accommodation in an apartment or family room on a half board basis.
    • Daily use of the wellness & spa center.
    • Use of laundry service 2 times a week.
    • Covered parking space under video surveillance.
    • Wi-fi connection throughout the complex.

In these difficult times, have you thought about how you would like to move away from everything with your family and relax your mind and body with all the conditions for life and work?

Solaris Resorts presents an action called “Solaris Home” in which we offer you the opportunity to replace your home with a stay in our hotel, without at the same time replacing the same warmth that adorns it. If you work from home these days and every trip to buy groceries is stressful and anxious for you to become infected with Covido 19, consider replacing your environment with one in which this possibility is minimized tomorrow.

Hotel Solaris Resorts covers an area of ​​1ha and consists of 9 villas with a total area of ​​over 6,500m 2. The hotel has the most prestigious wellness center, two restaurants, two seminar rooms, a garden with over 1500 seedlings and a renovated lobby bar with a library.

Did you know that “Solaris Resorts” is built based on the apartment complexes and that the entrances to each of the nine villas are separate? If not, we want to refer you.

Hotel “Solaris Resorts” is built so that 91 accommodation units are distributed in 9 villas, which means that in one villa can not be more than 10 apartments. If you calculate that there are on average two people in each apartment, it is clear to you that there cannot be more than 20 people in one building, which you will agree less than in any residential building in which you live. Why are our buildings safer than any apartment building? Because the complete disinfection of the space is done for an hour, unlike residential buildings where a couple of days can pass from one disinfection to another.

Our accommodation units are not standard hotel accommodation units of smaller size. The apartments are spread over 45m2 and include a living room, bedroom, kitchenette, hallway, bathroom and terrace. The family rooms include two separate bedrooms, a hallway, a bathroom and a terrace.

Did you know that every shopping is more risky than a meal in our restaurant?

Why are we telling you this? Because we have indisputable facts and we claim that it is so. Our restaurant has 120 seats, but respecting the measures of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, we use only 25% of our capacity. Every guest is obliged to wear a mask and gloves during the service, which they receive from us completely free of charge. Disinfection of the entire space is performed before and after each meal, while disinfection of each table is performed after each completed meal for the same. Guests are at the prescribed distance, while all waiters wear protective masks. There is no need to talk about the quality of food, the specialties of three chefs from different regions (France, Mexico and Serbia), along with their many years of culinary experience, speak for themselves. And there are a large number of certificates, including ISO, HACCAP and HALAL.

Did you know that immunity is the most important thing in the fight against the virus?

Immunity is the body’s ability to respond to infections caused by viruses and bacteria. Are you aware that by staying in a wellness center you can significantly strengthen your immunity? With us, you will have a wellness center at your disposal in your second home, where you can use all the facilities, of which in this period we especially emphasize the salt room where you can refresh your respiratory system because it has been proven that staying in a salt room for 45 minutes is equivalent. stay of 3 days at sea. The use of the wellness center is scheduled, so we control the allowed number of users at all times. The magnificent wellness center, which holds the title of the most prestigious in the region, in addition to spread over 1000m 2, is very well organized to function in the current situation.

Its biggest advantage is that a large number of people can stay in it unhindered, with strict taking into account the terms of use.

The use of the wellness center is scheduled in advance, so that the number of users is controlled at all times.

Did you want to have a yard during periods of isolation?

If you live in a big city, the disadvantage may be the lack of green areas and nature around you. If you replace your home with Solaris, your wish will be fulfilled. On the area of ​​one hectare on which the Resort is spread, most of it is occupied by a green oasis full of different types of plants. Make the most of every sunny day by drinking your first coffee surrounded by a beautiful garden. The whole complex is fenced, so if you come with children, you can allow them to play in the yard without any fear.

You wonder yourself, “If we come to the hotel, who will look after our children?”

Solaris Resorts has a playroom with a professional animator in which your child will, in addition to the game he will enjoy, participate in workshops and spend time with other children who are there. During this time, you will be able to enjoy the wellness center, or work if you work from home.

Have you ever wondered if you stay for more than a month what you will do with your wardrobe?

As part of the “Solaris Home” package offer, you will have laundry services available. Our hotel has a brand new laundry room with professional machines adapted for washing and drying any type of material. You will be able to leave the responsibilities that you normally have to perform at home to our staff.

Why is a stay in Solaris and Vrnjacka Banja safer than in the city where you are now?

Official data from the health and crisis headquarters speak for us. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 70 cases of COVID 19 have been confirmed among the inhabitants of Vrnjačka Banja. More than 50% of the 70 confirmed cases did not stay in Vrnjačka Banja during the illness, but were students and people living and working in larger cities The place of residence of Vrnjačka Banja was reported, and for that reason they were kept as cases from the territory of our municipality. Fortunately, Vrnjacka Banja did not have any deaths, not even those on respirators.

Vrnjacka Banja is beautiful in autumn, you will enjoy while walking through the park in the fresh air, where the colors of autumn overflow in unusual shades. The murmur of the river will follow you along the entire promenade. You can use your free time in different ways, we are here to organize trips for you to the nearby mountain Goč, the monastery, the zoo, a quad ride, and you can also try your hand at archery.

We are waiting for you in Vrnjacka Banja.


    • Guest check in from 2pm
    • Guest check out until 11am
    • There is a possibility of later check-out (upon request)
    • Breakfast/dinner based on self service table / direct service, depending on the number of guests
    • Tourist tax is 1 € per person per day
    • Insurance 0,10 € per person per day

Payment methods

Mandatory advance payment 30% of the total amount

    • Cash
    • Bank transactions

Cancellation up to 5 days before arrival. In case of cancellation within a term shorter than 5 days or in case guests don’t show up, the upfront payment should not be refunded.

Should individual guests shorten their stay, the hotel reserves the right to charge 15% of the total value of the arrangement. The shortened stay fees will not be charged in following cases: guests’ sudden illness, sudden death of a family member, a sudden accident or natural catastrophe, or emergency situation.

The terms for children

    • Children up to 4 stay for free
    • Children 4 to 12 pay meals 6 €
    • The tax is not charged for the children up to 7
    • The tax for children 7 to 15 is charged 0,50 € per day
    • Insurance 0,10 € per day

Children up to 12 can use salt room and the salt water pool accompanied by parents during the children wellness terms 10h to 18h.